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One of the Most important and Most effective way of promoting your business is Marketing. The new world marketing has shifted from paper to computers. The fast growing internet users and active social marketing professionals have conquered the marketing field. With the fast growth in online users the traditional marketing has been shifted to internet and web. Currently the companies with the most active and effective online marketing strategies are the champions. Given below is an infographic showing how the web and internet has changed the trends in traditional marketing.

download New world marketing infographic The new world marketing

Marketing has a key role in any Entrepreneurship. The strategic decisions of any business focus on marketing as an essential part like the quality and quantity of their production. With the globalizing world, the pattern of business marketing is not confined to papers and physical dealings rather the business companies do consider electronic, print and social…

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What is Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing is a practice of putting content (information) about products or services to engage a customer to offer a call to action leading back to your business. 

Example: If I look for information on: How to write a wedding ceremony. I search on Google for that term. What I chose was a blog on writing wedding ceremonies. The blog led me to the author’s website and more information that I would be interested in. 











My search  on Google with the options;

From finding the exact information I was looking for, the blog led me to visit more information the author’s page. I could subscribe to the blog, contact the author, and more. This will make me more likely to visit this page again.

Inbound marketing is done to “stop the clutter” and engage the customer at the moment they are interested in your product or service. It’s like a salesperson answering, “can I help you.”

To use inbound marketing to be effective you will need to do a few things. First, you will have to figure out the buyers persona. You will have to find out who is the person you are wanting to engage.

Second, you will have to make the buyers road map outlined.  Be sure you are connecting the information to how you can benefit them.

Third, be creative and make the content targeted and relevant. Your copy must be very interesting and answer to their search.

Fourth, Distribute the content and make it easily found. Social Media, links on your site, etc. 

The Goal of inbound marketing is to “hunt” the potential client while they’re in the buyers journey. You bait them with your engaging content for them to take action to do business with you. 

When you get them to your site, you will want to make record of it. Get an email address from offering a promotion, ebook download, whitepaper, etc. This will help you to continue to keep track of the lead for future buying decisions. 

If you need help with inbound marketing, give me a call at 616.366.1437. 





Marketing online

To the average business owner, marketing online is very important, but very confusing! Business Owners are focused on running their business. Many believe if they have a website, they will show on search engines. 

I think of it like a phone book. The biggest ads are seen more often. Not only that, the ads with great call to actions, built with credibility factors, and reasons to do business, work the best. (content) People pay for placement. Online is no different. 

How your website is built matters. Techniques need to be adhered to for search engines to pick up your information. Think of this like a house’s foundation. If you cut corners, you will many issues later. 

Search Engines want you to have “friends.” Think of this like connections to your site. If you don’t have connections of links coming and going from your website, you aren’t as popular as those that do. 

Second page of Google won’t do. Every business is built off of new customers. If showing online is yielding leads, you are missing the boat by not being seen. Simply said. If you only show in your remote area, but service other towns, get optimized or Adwords. 

A great article on optimization tools I recently read: